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Brand experience

with Medalla Light & Cervecera de Puerto Rico

Working with the local beer brand Medalla Light has been a great success story for our company. Since 2002 Cinetrix was a major player creating memorable animation and VFX projects for the brand. Later, around 2006, Cinetrix expanded its services for this client to include the production of videos with complete coverage of several large events sponsored by Medalla Light in major venues, including massive concerts, with multi-cam shoots and editing.


By 2009 the name of Cervecera for the umbrella company was reborn giving us various  opportunities to engage in all aspects of production and post-production to deliver promotional videos showcasing their new state-of-the-art brewery. Work also included creating visuals for their microbrewery and additional brands like Silver Key Light, Magna and Malta India. Partnering with this client for more than 10 years allows us a place in the history and evolution of these local brands.


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